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With over 40 years of experience, we been helping to beautify and warm the homes of our family.

With one of the largest stocks of carpet in the Inland Empire, we have been able to provide fast, affordable service for residential and commercial jobs.

Our stock consists of rolls that are discontinued products, specials, one off goods, and seconds. We get them at discounted prices, and we are able to pass the discounts on to you. Can't find anything that works from our stock?  We have long-term relationships with all the major carpet mills and can, in most cases, deliver your order within 3 days.

We work very hard to keep special order prices not just "competitive", but low.

We keep our overhead as low as possible, and rely on our reputation for repeat business and referrals. This benefits our customers in two ways:


  • First, we have a very low advertising budget. We don't have to pass the cost of advertising into our prices.

  • Second, we have to make sure that every customer that we work with is going to call on us in the future, and trust us enough to refer us to their friends and family.

We understand that a referral is earned. We value every referral, and we hope we can earn yours.

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